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Python has been a buzzword lately! All for the right reason, it is an incredibly easy language to learn.

To define, Python is a general-purpose, open-source programming language that can be used for various types of programming and software development. Python was created and released in 1991 and this language has been existing for almost 3 decades now.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages so far, basically because it is a beginner’s language and is pretty easy to code. This language has extensive libraries and supports multiple paradigms.


Python isn’t a language included in any academic programs of College or University yet. Python enthusiasts are to seek Institutes that provide a short-term course on the language, learn the basics, and start working towards applying the language skill and keep learning. There are varied reviews available on the internet about the duration of the course; one of the opinions being it can’t be learned in a month, the other being it is a plentiful time to learn a language.

Both of them are true; in the sense, you cannot learn it completely in a month, it takes a lifetime to keep learning every day. Also, you can learn the basics of the language and you can play around. This methodology holds good with any new learning; be it a language, a skill, a hobby, or anything. We keep learning something new every day.

The beauty of Python is, it is not connected to any other language. You can learn this as an independent language without having done coding anytime in your life!! Doesn’t that make it fantastic?

It is expected out of the python enthusiasts to understand what their requirements are and lay a learning path. One should start with learning python as a language along with its vast libraries. The process of learning any language for that matter not only relies on learning but applying and practicing. So, the key to learn python is consistent and persistent practice.

The best choice one could have as to the learning would be to enroll themselves for a short-term course available, either online or offline. We, at Infimind Institute, do provide a short-term course on Python with Django, both online and offline mode. The learning happens module-wise where all that is necessary to learn in Python has been included in the curriculum. What more, you even have the Django framework included in the course.

The course duration is 50 hours and by spending 2 hours on weekdays per week, you will be able to complete the course in 5 weeks.

You will be working on a project to understand the application part of your learning, and tada you are done with the certification course. Now, that a strong foundation is laid, the next step of yours should be to start constructing (here working around with Python).

Python can be used to automate mundane chores such as replying to your Whatsapp messages being automated. It can be used to create a simple project such as creating a calculator.



Python is with simple syntax and easy rules. It doesn’t overwhelm the students with complicated features. It is a relatively easy language to pick up for someone who has never done coding. So, it is fondly addressed as “beginner’s language.”

While using Python, writing the code, and executing it is much faster than its peers such as Javascript.


Python is a general-purpose language that makes it useful for anything and everything. Rise of Internet and Mobile Technology gave rise to the demand for apps and software developments. Python is used for game development, and we all know the innumerable games available on our Mobile AppStore!!

Popularity and demand go hand in hand. Demand increases with popularity.


Python library is something you can use while working without actually writing the code. The library provides you with modules that can be imported by another program to make use of its functionality. The library consists of runnable codes that can be used for function. A few of the examples of Python libraries would be: Pillow, the imaging library. SciPy, algorithm, and mathematical tool.

Programmers working on web development applying Python are highly reliant on frameworks to make their life easier. Frameworks can be used to automate redundant tasks, thus cutting down on the development time and usage of resources where it is required.

A few of the examples of Python frameworks are Django, Dash, CherryPy, Bottle, etc. The vast number of libraries and frameworks available with Python is another reason for its popularity in 2020.


The data scientist's most preferred language is Python. Again, the biggest reason for the dependency is Python’s vast libraries and frameworks.

Programmers started shifting from R to Python for this very reason to learn data science.

Python is a very diverse language and can be run seamlessly anywhere. The programmers working on data science don’t want to be bothered much by the complexities of the language they apply for data science, which is another reason why data scientists prefer Python over other languages.


One area where Python is brilliant is web development. Web development in simple terms means developing, designing, and maintaining websites. It also involves the act of publishing the website using intranet or internet.

Now, to develop a website a language is required, and web developers look up to Python for its vast libraries and frameworks.

The reason for the high dependency on Python is due to its framework Django.

Django is a framework available with Python which is a back-end web development tool. It is most reliable to work on larger applications.


Python has grown to this extent because of its users.

Python has been used over the past three decades, and hence it has a strong built community of users. There are several documentation and guides available for the beginners, and they also receive a good amount of support if they are stuck. If someone faces any issue with the coding while using Python, the community of developers all pitch in to help resolve the issue. They even proudly address themselves as “python family.”

The community consists of people from noob to pro in the language, which gives the group the right mix of people.


Python is extensively used by Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. Based on this usage, the language has gained popularity. Netflix uses the language for its recommendation algorithms and such.

As the language is heavily backed up by big and renowned corporates, the demand for learning this language has been on the rise.

The reason it is getting used by big companies isn’t just to promote it, but because of the usability of the language.


The language widely used in machine learning applications in Python. Though there isn’t much coding involved in machine learning, if the necessity arises, the choice of language is Python and R, most preferably Python due to its vast library. The beauty of this language is its simplicity and hundreds of libraries available readily which makes the user concentrate easily on the application part of their work.


Python is used in automating mundane chores which don’t require talent but time. It has lots of tools and modules available which makes functioning automated easily. To automate one needs to write codes in the form of scripts and execute it.

A few of the areas where automation can be used are in debugging, organizing files, working with excel spreadsheets, etc.


Python is a very flexible language, which lets the programmer try something new. This being a high-level programming language, compared to any other language, is highly flexible. The developers aren’t restricted in application development while using Python.

No other programming language offers flexibility and freedom like Python offers, thus making it even more popular.


Developers and programmers are highly reliant on programming languages for coding. Every language has secured a place of its own, and so has Python. I have explained in detail why Python is the “in-demand language” in 2020 and what are its application benefits.

Now, I’ll give you the learning path of Python.

We, at Infimind Institute, offer a certification program in Python with Django for a duration of 50 hours. You will be working on a project, thus learning the application skill.

At Infimind Institute, we believe in making learning a pleasurable experience and though the program is conducted online, we ensure that your experience with us is smooth and fruitful.



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