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Effective and Last Updated: June 26, 2020

This website is owned by Infimind Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. Any refunds and cancellation of services is solely at the discretion of the Management.

  1. In case of consultancy services and corporate trainings, no cancellations will be entertained once the purchase order or any form of written confirmation is provided.

  2. Any advance paid will be forfeited in case of cancellations.

  3. However, advance paid can be adjusted to any other training or service registered for within 30 days of initial payment.

  4. No refund is offered after the commencement of the training or commencement of any service availed.

  5. Refunds, if any, must be approved by at least one of the Directors / CEO.

  6. All refunds will need 7-14 business days to be processed.

  7. Refunds will only be done through cheque / online payments.


If you would like to cancel your purchase with Infimind Institute of Skill Development, or would like to contact us concerning any matter related to the Refund Policy, you may do so by filling the contact form.

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