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AI & ML is considered as the strategic science to lead us into the future.  AI is the “hot new skillset” which when acquired makes you the in-demand professional in the industry of your choice.


“Artificial Intelligence Specialist” is the number one emerging job with 74% annual growth.  AI is the field of science with assured growth in the career prospect.


It is rightly said “the available data is only as good as what we do with it.”  With the usage of past available data, AI paves way for 4th Industrial Revolution.

“Be tomorrow’s leader by learning AI & ML now.”

AI Introduction


Online / Virtual Classroom

Original Price:

INR 1,40,000 + GST

Offer Price:

INR 59,000 + GST



  1. 3 months, weekday batches

  2. 120 to 130 hours of faculty lectures

  3. 40 to 60 hours of question and answer sessions

  4. 250+ hours of practical assignments and projects


  1. Data Scientist

  2. Research Scientist

  3. NLP Engineer 

  4. Algorithm specialist 


  1. Interactive Faculty Lectures (Online)

  2. Practical sessions, Assignments, and Projects

  3. Interactive Question and Answer Sessions

  4. 250+ hours on Industry-oriented projects

  5. Hand holding as and when required


  1. Laptop with stable internet connection

  2. Web camera

  3. Headphone with mic

  4. Software installation as per our instruction


  1. Lucrative career in your desired domain

  2. Resume building assistance

  3. Mock interviews

  4. Placement assistance


Calculus; Matrix Algebra; Mean, Median, & Mode; P value, Hypothesis Testing, Accuracy, Recall, Precision.


Fee & Financing

To know more about financing options, please contact us at: +91 73378 84423



Check your loan eligibility here

Frequently asked questions

About Our Programme

What is the mode and duration of the AI & ML course?

The AI & ML course is imparted in both online, virtual instructor led mode and offline classroom mode for the duration of 6 months. The classes happen both on weekends and weekdays.

Are there any weekday batches available?

Yes, we do have weekday batches available. Contact us to know more about the upcoming batch.

Who will be the faculty?

All our faculties are industry experts. We have Mr. Umesha Nayak, an MS from BITS-Pilani and Dr. Umesh Hodeghatta Rao, who is a Ph.D. holder in CS from IIT-Kharagpur. Both of our faculties have co-authored the book “Business Analytics Using R – A Practical Approach.” They have conducted workshops and bootcamps on AI and ML to analysts. They have vast industry experience.

What is the system requirement for the course?

The laptops of the students should be loaded with:

  1. GPU – NVIDIA 2070/2080 (8GB).
  2. CPU – Intel i7 and above.
  3. RAM – Up to 32 GB.
  4. Storage – Up to 1TB.
  5. OS – Linux, Windows, MacOS.
The software installation details will be provided to the students and will need to be done later.

What is the eligibility criteria for taking up the course?

  • 60% and above marks in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
  • Final semester MBA or engineering students.
  • Bachelor’s degree holder with at least 2 years work experience.
  • Professionals with / without programming skills.
  • Anyone with willingness to learn AI & ML with a mission to improve their career path.

Is there any entrance test to admit to the course?

No, we do not conduct any entrance test. However, your profile is thoroughly assessed by our student counsellor, and your requirement questioned and understood before giving you admission into Infimind Institute.

Is this a certification course?

Yes, at the end of the session you are issued a course completion certificate which is co-signed by the faculty and Infimind Institute.

Do you provide placement guarantee?

We do provide you with assistance in resume writing, conduct mock interviews, and provide placement assistance.

What are the tools that are covered?

NumPy, Pandas, Python, TensorFlow, Jupyter Notebook, Anaconda, etc.

What is your refund / deferral policy?

Any refunds and cancellation of services is solely at the discretion of the Management. 1. Any advance paid for AI and ML course will be forfeited in case of cancellations. 2. However, advance paid can be adjusted to any other training or service registered for within 30 days of initial payment. 3. No refund is offered after the commencement of the training programme. 4. Refunds, if any, must be approved by at least one of the Directors / CEO. 5. All refunds will need 7-14 business days to be processed. 6. Refunds will only be done through cheque / online payments. 7. If for unforeseen circumstances, the candidate is unable to attend the AI and ML training, he can attend the subsequent batch to complete his training. However, if he is unable to attend the subsequent batch, the amount paid will be forfeited and cannot be adjusted against any other trainings. 8. All deferrals must be supported by adequate evidence and require approval from the Management. If you would like to cancel your purchase with Infimind Institute of Skill Development, or would like to contact us concerning any matter related to the Refund Policy, you may do so by filling the contact form.

About AI & ML

What is Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is a science which allows the machine to act like humans by mimicking their behaviour and nature. Machine learning is a branch of AI in which the machine can learn on its own without being explicitly programmed. It is an application of AI that provides system the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience.

What is the difference between AI & ML?

Artificial Intelligence is a broader term of which Machine Learning is a subset, and Machine Learning’s subset is Deep Learning.

What is the benefit of learning AI & ML?

Each and every industry and domain due to their overwhelming volume of data is trying to mechanize, and learning AI and ML makes you the leader in future.

What are the industries AI & ML can be applied to?

AI and ML can be applied wherever there is data. Nowadays, almost all the industries have tremendous data. So, it can be applied in the sector of Banking, Finance, FMCG, eCommerce, Logistics, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Human Resources, Software Design & Development, Project Management, Construction, and Marketing. Interestingly, even educational institutions can use AI and ML for setting up the question paper.

What are the top skills one can acquire by learning AI & ML?

ML algorithms, NLP, Mathematics and Statistics relevant to AI and ML, Data Cleaning, Neural Networks, Supervised / Unsupervised Machine Learning, Ensembles, Decision Trees to name a few.

What is the future of AI and ML?

AI and ML is the future, and if you master the skill, you are all braced for the future.

Payment Related

What is the course fee?

Rs. 140,000 + GST

Are there any EMI facilities available?

We are tied up several banks/vendors. Contact us to avail the EMI / instalment facilities that are being provided at Infimind Institute. Eduvanz

What are the modes of payment available?

You can pay the course fee via:

  • Cash.
  • Net Banking.
  • Cheque
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

Other Queries

I have more queries, whom do I contact for more details?

For any more clarification, you can reach us via email at or call us at +91 73378 84423 or whatsapp us at +91 96207 21894. We would be more than happy to assist you.


How has the current pandemic situation altered the methodology of training?

We, at Infimind Institute, have shifted our sessions from offline/classroom training to online, live instructor-led sessions.

How does it change the learning curve for the students?

There is absolutely no difference in what and how you learn. The teaching method hasn’t changed, only the medium has changed.

What is the point of upskilling amidst layoffs and global economic crisis?

We absolutely agree with the point the current situation is grim. But, we also believe the situation isn’t going to be the same always. Post Covid-crisis, all the industries will thrive and how can organizations function without skill. Of course, skilled workforce will be in high demand post the pandemic situation.

Will there be job openings for the skills I learn from you?

We constantly have been following ads from hirers and from June we have been seeing consistent rise in the number of vacant positions and job openings. Do look into Indeed and LinkedIn openings and you will get an idea of what we are referring to.

What are the prerequisites to learn from online?

A laptop or desktop, web camera, microphone, and a stable internet connection.

How will I be able to clarify my doubts?

As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no difference between offline and online session, and you can get your doubts clarified as and when it arises, or at the end of the session, or even in the online portal using your student credentials anytime you have a doubt.

What if I miss few minutes of class due to internet connectivity issue?

No issues. We record all the sessions completely and it is uploaded in the student portal. You can access the recordings at your convenience.

Is there a relaxation in fee/payment?

We, at Infimind Institute, wanted to be socially responsible at this hour of global crisis, and we have slashed the price of the course to make it affordable to our candidates. Further, we are offering 12-month no cost EMIs for any fee above Rs. 5000 as opposed to no EMIs or maximum of 6 months no cost EMIs that were provided earlier.

How convenient is the student platform?

Our platform is A to Z for you relevant to the course. You log in to the platform to attend the class, access the recordings, refer to the notes uploaded by the faculty, check your assignments, upload your completed assignments, ask your doubts, and get it clarified. But nonetheless, Infimind Institute and Faculty would be available any time you need any kind of assistance.


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