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About Us


Infimind Institute Office

Infimind Institute of Skill Development (IISD) was incorporated on 19th April 2017 and started operations on 1st January 2018 as LLP. However, owing to its growth, IISD transformed into a Private Limited company on 13th March 2020. Head Quartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We are a young organization evolved with a commitment to deliver skill development courses, corporate trainings and offer consultancy services that transforms both individuals and organizational business practices.


We stand strong on a greater purpose and cause in addressing the employability issues the country is facing and facilitate continuous employability through learning to enhance individual lives. Infimind Institute of Skill Development Pvt. Ltd. (IISD) creates young leaders to thrive in the complex, challenging and dynamic business and industrial environment.


IISD’s learning environment and pedagogy is principally learner focused comprising of practical training exposure, experiential learning, academic lectures, foster class participation, engage in group discussions, case analysis for collaborative problem solving and critical thinking, effectively learn the art of communication and execute project work facilitated by industry experts as faculty to prepare young minds to become Infimind’s.


We strongly believe in Inspiring thoughts through Nurturing excellence for Futuristic and Incredible Minds of India.


We offer consultancy services in the areas of Process Model, System Standards & Resource Management.

We also offer short term corporate trainings in order to address skill gaps, reduce employee turnover, and increase employee efficiency and effectiveness. We specialize in the areas of project management, health and safety, and more.

Mission: Our mission is transforming young minds though affordable skill-based integrated learning experience and enabling organizations to enhance their process and performance through insightful management consulting with an element of human touch and high proficient values.

Vision: Our vision is to continue to impact the advancements of individuals and organizations by delivering excellence through skill development, training, and management consulting in India.

How did we Grow?



Officially Inauguration

Infimind Institute of Skill Development (IISD) was incorporated on 19th April 2017 and was officially inaugurated on 1st January 2018 as LLP.



1st Consulting Assignment

Our 1st Consulting assignment  for ISO 9001:2015 came-up in the month of April. 



Message From CEO




The year that passed by has been tough and trying for all of us. It is no different for others as well. The most important challenge was to stay alive and we are glad that we survived. The pandemic no doubt hit us hard, but that did not deter us in pursuing our dreams and chasing our goals.

We seized this opportunity to relook at our internal processes, and realign our strategy to the “new normal.” While online training and consulting became the order of the day, our young and dedicated team started looking at potential areas which could throw open opportunities. Our drawing room discussions became more frequent and fruitful. Some thoughts were worth perusal and some not so important. At the end of the day, we were able to put our plans into action.

CEO Infimind

When it came to our quarterly Advisory Board Meetings, we had to go online as well. This was  a challenge for all of us and despite the initial technical glitches, we were able to invest quality time in our deliberations sitting in the cozy corners of our drawing rooms. It is another matter that the Board is happy with online meetings (..)

Our customers have grown and so are our training partners and other key stakeholders and this gives us renewed confidence to overcome the challenges. Our repeat customers recognise us as bringing value to the table and this is a matter of pride for us. 


An important initiative that saw the dawn of the day was the birth of our CSR arm – Infimind Educare Foundation. Registered as a Section 8 Company with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, this Foundation aims to educate the underprivileged more so, in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in various disciplines. The intent is to participate with Corporates and be their knowledge partners in meeting their CSR objectives more so in the field of education.

The dawn of the New Year ushers in hopes of a better tomorrow and with our increasing work force who are energised and bubbling with enthusiasm, we are sure to hit the market with a renewed zeal and a bouquet of service offerings. 

It is time to thank all of our team, the Advisory Board, our customers, vendors, service partners, trainers, consultants and other stake holders. Their interest and involvement inspires us and we are confident of posting a healthier score card by the end of the year. We as a team will script success stories in the year ahead.

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