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How Artificial Intelligence is transforming and how you could use it for your career path

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

AI and Machine learning at Amazon

As many of us use amazon for our day-to-day orders and deliveries we all are very familiar with amazon but do you actually know how does Amazon work with their huge warehouse inventories, orders, and processing?

Here’s how: Amazon is very much heavily involved in Machine learning, they use algorithms to help them create leads and to find and convert a potential customer. Algorithms help suggest the best products, recommendations to the customers based on their recent behaviour or purchase activities and also help Amazon optimise the process of product distribution and shipping processes from the Amazon warehouse to the customers.

All this happens with the amazing technology of artificial intelligence involvement and shows us all the importance of AI in the business world and day-to-day activities at any business.

Amazon AI-based product recommendations to customers.

Machine Learning at Apple

The advanced feature of voice recognition, text prediction, and autocorrect features of Siri are some of the work from machine learning. Their newest iPhone using the Machine learning feature in its processor performs trillions of operations per second. Apple engineers also suggest and comment on how the transformation of ML is influenced by their work.

Google Siri voice feature

Apple Watch also uses the feature of AI for various activities.

Artificial Intelligence at Google

The help of Google for the revolution of machine learning is at an extraordinary level and their levels of ML aren’t surprising keeping the fact that they are at the top level at the moment. Google technology fundamentally works with the help of machine learning and AI from their algorithms that redefine the web searches and also along with the Google maps which helps us navigate, search and find our destination and now with the introduction of self-driving cars, they are changing the automobile industry to a greater extent.

Google makes their work available to the public with their work made available through posts discussing the published research and how their technology is utilised by others to influence AI innovations.

Ways in which you are using AI in your day-to-day activities

Some of the popular job roles in the field of AI

  • Data scientist: Working with data from the stage of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data from a variety of sources with the help of machine learning and also predictive Analytics to help businesses better understand their performance and build AI tools. Expertise in Big data platforms and tools including Hadoop, Pig Hive, Spark, and MapReduce and in programming languages such as SQL Python, Scala, and Perl.

  • Research scientist: They are the ones who have the responsibility right from the controlled laboratory-based investigations, conducting trials, and experimenting the designs, undertaking, and analyzing data. One should also have strong fundamentals of AI disciplines.

  • The opportunity and demand for AI developers are on cloud nine in recent years: Their main role is to research and plan better solutions for the existing problems within the company. Their main aim is to increase the efficiency and profitability of the business it might be through analyzing complex data or a detailed look at the current business status.

  • Machine learning engineer: To be a machine learning engineer one must have strong fundamentals in software skills and also about the predictive analytics model. They should also have some expertise in language processing to work with huge datasets. ML engineer is considered to be the best after career for any AI enthusiast.

  • Robotics scientist: Robotics scientist works with mechanical devices and builds them to perform various micro-tasks that humans can’t perform on their own. A robot can perform tasks and functions on its own but it does require a Robotics scientist i.e., the help of a human to build it up in the right way. So here’s where the importance of a Robotics scientist as a human comes up. A strong fundamental in computer science or engineering and a degree in it helps to take up this career path.

Who can attend?

  • Anybody with enthusiasm to learn AI & ML.

  • MBA Graduates (Final semester students can apply too).

  • Computer Science and Engineering Students (Final semester students can apply too).

  • Business Intelligence Analysts and Consultants.

  • Bachelor’s degree holder with 2 years’ work experience.

  • Programmers and Coders with any language skill.

  • Data scientists for in-depth knowledge in AI & ML.

  • A bachelor degree in mathematics and computer science

  • This helps you to achieve at least an entry-level job and get you started in an AI career path.

  • There are many positions like supervisor, a leader, or an administrative role for which you need to hold a Master’s degree or a Doctoral degree

Some additional online courses with good training institutes help you to start your career in AI. Such certifications and courses help you and act as brownie points that are added to your career start or growth along the path.

Soft skills are also required to have a fruitful career, some of them are: Good Communication skills which acts as the basis for any job and the AI field demands a good communicator to the industry. So having strong communication skills or even upgrading your communication skill with the right set of training helps you to be a step closer to getting your dream AI job.

Top Institute to get your AI skills and to get upgraded

Infimind Institutes of Skill Development Pvt Ltd: They are an education platform that helps you upgrade your skills and train you with the best industry experts in the field. With a commitment to deliver skill development courses, corporate training and offer consultancy services that transform both individuals and organisational business practices. Their headquarters is in Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka.

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