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How important is Communication Skill in Leadership?

This is a continuation to our previous blog on Soft Skills in which we spoke about the meaning, basic concepts involved in soft skills etc. Here from this blog on wards, we will talk more in-depth about some of the key soft skills required for successful career.

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One of the important thing required for becoming a great leader is to be up-skilled in communication. Especially today in this competitive world and when the communication channels are increasing at a rapid pace, the need for connectivity between a leader and the employees is the need of the hour. An effective leadership with a great communication is a definitive cornerstone to the business success. If you as a leader might want to be able to bring in certain changes and produce a real business results for your company, then you first need to learn the skills that are necessary for you to have effective workplace conversations.


When we have a look at an effective workplace communication in a 2-way street, it is very very important to know the complexities involved in the communication itself particularly in leadership role because it describes a particular approach that is required at the workplace, the communication that people look for should be clear and create critical impact on the organisation’s objectives and goals.

Leadership communication mostly consists of messages, news or information that are related to a company’s culture and important values. The messages that are involved in the leadership are so important and holds the key for the stakeholders of the company, along with the employees, customers, strategic partners, shareholders and media. The main objective of leadership communication is to keep the employees engaged and focused in the right direction.

The importance of communication in Leadership:

Like we have come across all this while in the blog, communication is one of the core skills required in leadership, this simply means that the effective workplace communication and the effective leadership are closely connected to each other. It is required that an effective leader should be a skilled communicator, this might even be applicable at the organisational level, in larger communities and groups, and sometimes even on a global level. According to a research, the statistics shows us that, 57% of employees are reporting that they are not being given clear directions from their leaders, and as much as 69% of managers are not at all comfortable in communicating with their employees in general.

In such cases, the problem goes beyond the reach to the managers who are lacking confidence or the skill levels that are required to be a successful business leaders. Those who are falling short in certain skills especially in the communication department will definitely have a direct negative impact on employees satisfaction, their motivation, and productivity levels. Without an effective communication, a leader cannot or should not expect his employees to be engaged and to be connected in the workplace.

Keeping the employees engaged and motivated will direct drive the company towards success and this remain as the top priority to a leader and in order to do so, a leader must always establish and be a master in the line of communication. As business leaders, it is required that to be clear, think positive, express ideas and disseminate the information to a multitude of audiences. An effective leader will have the ability to handle the situations well, can handle the rapid flow of information that circulates within the organisations and in between the customers, partners or any other stakeholders.

Tips to improve Communication in Leadership:

  • It is important to make the employees familiar with the company culture.

  • Spreading awareness of the the company’s strategic goals with employees is also important.

  • Trust building within the workplace.

  • Employee engagement is possible with a communication skill

  • The communication should always be a two-way traffic

  • Teamwork and collaboration is a key to company’s success

  • Maintaining at-most transparency would be highly appreciated

  • Timely updated about the upcoming changes, plans, strategy etc.

  • Inter team miscommunications should be avoided

The After effects of a Poor Communication skills in Leadership:

One of the main reason for not being successful in leadership is the simple fear and not able to express the ideas or thoughts with others. Being genuine is like being feared but it should be coming from those insincere conversations because they are one that costs the company much more than any other aspect.

According to a recent study, the responses that were received from the executives, manager and junior staff members were given at-most care and some of the highlighted areas where the communication breakdowns that were happening in the workplace and this had a very serious and a major impact for business as a whole rather than anything else. Some of the key things to know are as follows:

  • 52% of employees complained of higher stress levels because of poor communication.

  • Another 44% of employees reported that poor communication can lead to failure in completing their projects.

  • 31% of employees said poor communication can cause them achieve their performance goals.

  • In poorly communicative work environments over 20% of employees said that they always experience obstacles in innovation.

With the above figures it is quite evident, that the cost of a poor leadership communication skills is extremely high. But, with the implementation of the right internal communications strategy, and the the best leadership communications practices, can come in handy and help the leaders in improving their communication efforts and can also eliminate the biggest leadership communication challenges that is being faced today. Now a days, communicating with the modern employees will be tricky task, however they are relying on the leaders though to lead them, align them and their efforts with business objectives and success. This can only be achieved when you understand the importance of maintaining an effective leadership communication strategy.

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