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Skill Development!! what is it?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Ever had a dream of achieving something big but ended up with a mediocre(average) result?

Have you ever seen other people achieve their goals effortlessly and wonder as to how did they do that?

Under these circumstances, skill development plays a very major role. In this post, we shall go in-depth about skill development, why does it play an important part of goal achievement, and how to go about it etc.

What is Skill Development ?

So now, what is Skill Development?

Skill Development is a process of identifying the necessary skills required to identify the ability to achieve something in your life.

Skill Development is a process of determining the skills gaps and to overcome them. Skill is one essential factor to define one’s ability and this ability is the sole reason behind the successful implementation of plans which is helpful for your own success.

Why is Skill Development Important?

Skill development includes development of your own i.e., your Internal You & your External You. Skill development is one valuable addition to your life. Everyone should be capable of earning their own bread and butter for their survival in this competitive world.

  1. Effective skill development is necessary to survive in this in this rapidly changing world.

  2. It is important to understand that knowledge doesn't guarantee skill, but practice does.

  3. Skill development also develops the positive attitude in the lives of an individual.

  4. All these skills are required to not only gain success towards a healthy society but also for successful individuals.

  5. Improves a greater sense of self-awareness with a feeling of mindfulness and an appreciation for other people.

  6. Skill development makes an individual job ready irrespective of the type of job, type of environment. He/she can adopt to the changing environment.

  7. Prepares an individual to face an kind of challenging situation in life.

How can you develop your Skill?

  • Go step by step towards core skills

Core skills refers to those skills which will have a direct impact on your own personal goals.

Always know that you are at the initial level of learning and you gradually take it to an other level.

  • Divide your learning into segments

Learning the skill in the form of chunks can give you quality output because you know the fact that you can't master it in just one night, things always take time to change and if you learn it step by step, then you can definitely master in it one day.

  • Learn it with full determination

If you are determined enough towards your goal, then no one will even dare to stop you to master in that skill.

Steps involved in Skill Development process

Initiatives taken by the government Towards Skill India

Youth is considered to be the backbone of any nation for that matter, that’s why we also celebrate International Youth Day on 12th August in our country India. The motive behind this is to encourage our youth to continue learning and also to make them realize that they are the future of our nation.

If the youth is being directed and guided in the right manner then nobody can stop the nation to achieve its goals. India has it's own national youth policy that is has been made to solve the constraints faced by the youth.

Some of the main Government Initiatives are as follows:

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has launched Skill India Mission in 2015 to provide the benefits of skill enhancement program to around 1 crore people across India.

Its three major decisions are

  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

  • National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

  • Industrial Training Institutes

Skill Development and It's importance

All these schemes have played a vital role in the transformation of India into a Skill India.

Government i.e skill India mission, To meet the demand of industry, is training the youth to deliver better possible outputs keeping in mind how the corporate world is today. They are also providing on the job training to the students to give them practical exposure at the actual workplace.

This Skill India mission is gaining a lot of importance with every count of a second, a new individual is joining skill India mission, it is showing its growing and positive impact in all the sectors of our society to take a step ahead towards development of our country.

Why Infimind for such courses?

Infimind Institute offers various courses that cater to the needs of different individuals. Whether you're an undergraduate, a job seeker, or a stay at home mother, we have the right course for you.

At Infimind, we initially have a brief discussion with our students (and their parents) regarding their interests, passion, and career objectives. After determining the right course for the student, we conduct a preliminary assessment to understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses. This helps us pay personal attention to every student, and in helping the student achieve his goals.



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