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Updated: Apr 30, 2020


Python was created by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer. The first release of the language was done in 1991. Python is derived from ABC programming language, which is a general purpose language. Rossum named the language after his favorite television show "Monty Python's Flying Circus." So, be assured this has got nothing to do with the reptile "python."

Python was created as a successor to ABC, the main motto is to create "computer programming for everybody". It is a very easy and intuitive language, just as powerful as C, C++, or Java. It is an open source, so anyone can contribute to its development.

There were several version releases over the period of 26 years now. The first version being Python 1.0 in January of 1994 and the latest one is python 3.8.2 on February 24, 2020.


Python is a high-level and object-oriented programming language, Python is one of the earliest languages to combine an emphasis on readability with practical application and extensibility.

It is one of the most clear and easy-to-read languages available currently. The beauty of this program and why people worldwide love this language is because beginners can do basic stuff in the simplest way possible and advanced programmers don't find this program simple. Isn't that the way any new learning should be. Easy for beginners, but challenging for advanced too.

In python, programmers use less keystrokes than any other language.


Python is a straightforward programming language that can be learned without much direction. It also has an extensive library, which is the main reason for its fame.

This programming language is used for various purposes including website and internet development, scientific and numeric computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, game development, app development, etc.

Learning python can happen in days if one is familiar with any other language, or for a non-coder it might take a few months.

One of the important reasons why python is popular is because it has a healthy, active, and supportive community. If any coder faces a challenge while coding, just by googling it can be resolved, or there are several communities which provide resolution for any issues.

Proficiency in python is an add-on booster to many on their resumes. Additionally, this skill does make a difference in the pay scale.

Python is a very simple language without very much to worry about coding, and more focus and emphasis on finding the solution.


Python, as I keep repeating myself, is the most popular language worldwide. Forget about the software professionals using the language, it is used by everyone to create multiple useful scripts for themselves. It can be to automate their whatsapp messages, or to download their favorite songs, or to receive cricket score updates on their phones instantly, or even create a calculator for their desktop.

Popular websites like Google uses python extensively for its web search system. YouTube video sharing service has used Python. Dropbox, Raspberry Pi, EVE online, Facebook, Pixar, Netflix, Intel, Cisco, are just a few well-known names using python primarily in their softwares.

Numerous scientific and computational applications are built using Python. There are numerous libraries available in Python with each library allowing one to perform actions without writing the code. A few of the libraries and their uses are listed below:

TensorFlow: Used for working on Artificial Intelligence.

Scikit-Learn: Used to build traditional models.

Numpy: Used for computing mathematical data.

Pandas: Used on data structures and operations to manipulate time series and numerical tables.


Anybody can learn Python. It's the most popular language among non-technological field such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Website developers, networking professionals, data scientists, back-end developer, Robotic Engineers are few of the roles who would greatly benefit from Python.

College students, professionals seeking better career options, data science enthusiasts are some of the people who are actively looking to learn python, and can do easily too.


In this dynamic and fast pacing world, change is the only thing constant is what we have all heard quite often. But Python has been there for more than 2 decades now, and its popularity says that it is going to stay longer.

Today, it is the most sought after language and considered "the next thing" for professionals.

Students are considering taking up a course while they are still doing their graduation, so that in the professional arena, they achieve what they seek.

A python programmer is in high demand and as of now less in supply.

Learning python makes the person job ready, not just one particular job, but anything of their choice; they can either become automation tester, data scientist, data analyst, web developer, game developer. So, in short, this is one language that fits all kind of scenario.

Learning this in-demand skill certainly makes out stand out and the probability of landing in a dream job is much easier than before.

The ease of the language, the easy syntax and readability is what made learning python popular. The other programming languages are relatively tougher when compared to Python.


To sum it up, there has been a widespread belief that programming is not for all. In this technological world, that myth is broken. Even school kids can program!! That's the hard reality of the present.

Any art or skill learnt, needs application. If not, we haven't moved an inch from where we were on that particular skill. Be it driving car, learning cooking, cycling, or programming. So, the key here in learning this language would be to work on it as and when you learn.

Python is a tool, the usage depends on the user, when and how to use it. Use it wisely and you will be the best.

At Infimind, we understood that most of the colleges aren't teaching Python yet, though the popularity of the language is quite high. To fill in the gap, we have launched Python Programming Course online mode, which can be learnt from the comfort of your home. Enrollments are going on now for the next batch of May 4, 2020.


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