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Python vs Other Programming Languages

Introduction: In the year 1991, a new programming language was first introduced and it was named as the Python. Decades after it was being introduced, we are seeing Python overtaking all the other programming languages. It has literally overtaken most of its rivals, the invention is such that this programming language is being used by most of the companies around the globe. On the other hand, some of the programming languages are inactive and are being declined, Python is going up and growing at a very rapid pace. However when we look at some of the sources and statistics, We come across that Python is leading the chart from the start of 2001. Usually it happens to be that people search more information related to Python on google than any other programming languages.

So now what makes people think about it so much, what drives its success? We will look into it now!

Meaning of Python programming language:

Python is one of the most popular and is probably one of the fastest-growing programming language. Python is inherently an interpreted, high-level, general purpose and object oriented programming language.

Now in the above sentence, we have come across various terminologies such as the interpreted, high-level, general purpose, etc., so what does all these mean?

Interpreted: An interpreter works on processing the source file when the written code is ready to be executed. The interpreter is such that it will read the code one by one, line by line and performs the task that needs to be executed. We can simply run a code with the extension as .py file rather than running the code on the complier that helps to turn the source file into a complied class files. Python byte code compilation is automatic. High-level: Python always relies on the easy-to-read structures that are later translated into a low-level language. An high-level language is intended to be used by a programmer and the written codes are further converted into a low-level language. Like C++, Java, Python has to be processed before running the programmes. Python can also run on any kind of computers with nearly no modifications. General-purpose: Python now a days can be used for nearly everything and anything. It is applicable to almost every field for a variety of tasks. Be it execution of short-term tasks such as software testing or a long term product development such as the roadmap planning, Python works well for them all, it is applicable across the world. Python’s role is not limited to one particular place or field, its role is unlimited that it is not only popular among the software engineers, but also used in the field of Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Accounting, and Network Engineering etc.

Object Oriented: Like we discussed before, Python is an object-oriented programming language. This programming language gives an overall orientation towards scripting and powerful code structuring. This object-oriented approach will allow dividing the problems in terms of classes and objects. Then, objects are composed in a way that will make up to the complex computer programs. Python also supports a procedural pattern. With OOP being only one of the options, you can make Python programming even more advanced by going for an object-oriented programming approach. Using Python, developers can create reusable structure of codes which can run on any kind of device at any specific time and place.

Where Python language is used?

We could now a days come across the vast variety of Python used cases across various industries. When we hear about Python the thing that comes to our mind is creating a web, mobile or desktop applications. But Python is a language that is used for multiple purposes. Basically, these are areas where Python is best suitable for, they are:

  • Web app development

  • Data Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Scripting

  • Database Programming/Managing

  • Quick prototyping, etc.

Python is a very good tool for all forms of programming, Python in fact makes its user base grow rapidly. Its Cross-platform usability, automation, simple web development techniques, AI and ML are some of the reasons why Python is unique when compared to others.

Often, specialists use Python keeping in mind the better performance from a variety of tasks which requires a completely different disciplines. Better performance and outcome may be achieved with the implementation of Python. Finance, Insurance and marketing are the primary fields in which the people face the necessity to do tasks such as: viewing, copying, renaming, and uploading of files to the server, downloading data from the websites, etc which are boring and repetitive. In order to avoid such trouble, Python can be used and everything can be automated.

When it comes to usage of Python, there is no necessity that one has to be a software developer to choose Python as their programming language. The language allow facilitating data analysis and visualisation. There are a wide range of open libraries available for Python and therefore accessing and acquiring of data for performing complex numeric computing operations should be easy.

Python and the other programming languages

The known fact is that Python is considered to be the programmer-friendly languages and it is said so because the language favours the developers in all possible ways. Python is compared to other programming languages for the better understanding, here are some of the differences between Python and other languages:

Python vs Java: As per various sources, it is understood that Java has been leading the chart over the past few years. It has established the most commonly used language for building web applications. Java and Python serves equally great purpose of completing essentially different software tasks such as: Python is interpreted and Java is compiled language. Java is the official language of building android app and Python is used for Mobile app development, it is not a priority to say the least. Python provides a great learning experience. However this does not scare the beginners who choose to learn Java over Python with its extra coding anyways.

Python vs PHP: The languages Python and PHP is built upon to be used on the sever side of scripting. This simply means that they are best equipped for the backend development of web development applications. PHP has certain well-designed web development frameworks to offer such as: Lavarel, Symfony etc. However, Python’s libraries are more uniform and are better-developed. Python is more simpler when we talk about the syntax whereas, PHP is a little difficult. Apart from these, there is a tendency now a days that switching from PHP is considered as a stagnation to python. The growing number of programmers are in favour of Python over PHP due to its convincing benefits of the latter. Both PHP and Python are high level interpreted and object oriented programming languages.

Python vs Ruby: Software developers enjoys and consider Ruby for the work of art and even the joy. For instance, when OOP is used along with Ruby, then it is easy to call methods on Objects, define their own methods and rewrite methods as they like, such is the power of Ruby. But the thing with Python is it is very famous. It merely can make a programmer more employable. Now a days, we come across more Python users and more Python developers. Both the languages can boast having a clean syntax but Python as a language is much more predictable.

Python vs C#: First things first, we will start with the shared characteristics. Python and C# are both comparable languages to each other as they provide simplicity and various other great enough benefits. They both are object oriented and middle level programming languages. Unlike others, both are general-purpose so they can be used to create desktop, mobile, and cloud based applications. However, both are a very good choice for web development. C# however is more focused on the windows desktop app and web development. The language created by Microsoft is predictably best fit for developing windows product using its .NET framework and it is expected to be continually given attention and kept relevant for the modern world. The learning curve between C# and Python is slightly difficult.

Why is Python so popular?

Every language is designed in a way that it will definitely offer something special to its users which will be beneficial to them. This statement the understanding of what programming with Python is all about. There is no way, Python will not take the place of Low-level languages allowing users to acquire better control over a CPU like C or C++. Nor will to take over Java that is high in demand because of its availability for building complex applications or JavaScript standing behind most webpages.


Python has been the best programming language for application development, web development, game development, system administration, GIS and Mapping.

Future technologies of Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing are heavily reliant on Python.

Leading companies like Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, are using Python programming language

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