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Python - Overview

Before knowing the role of python in the future, let’ s learn what is python first. So, what is python?

Python was first introduced in the year 1991 and is believed to be one of the earliest programming languages. After it’s slow start, this language came into light decade by decade. It’s gradual success and easy use of language made it one of the highest demand programming languages in the world.

After its start in 1991, python’s popularity has been surprisingly excellent surpassing the demand of traditional popular languages like “C++, Java and PHP”.

Reports reveal that python has been the most successful programming languages in the 21st century and the main reasons for this is the easy learning and use of the language, its simplicity and huge community who like the language. It is believed that many tech giants would switch to python in the coming years because of its easy implementation and ability for huge library packages which has proved to be money saver for them.

What is Python?

According to the executive summary of python software foundation, ‘’Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.’’ It is said that python’s simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Programmers are often in love with this language as it increases their productivity.

Python language is often used in web development and app development. It is also used in scientific computing, game development and system administration. The growth that the language has achieved today is not something easy that other languages could achieve. In these current times of AI and ML, python’s growth has been very crucial.

According to a report by analytics insight, Python is the ideal coding language used for machine learning, NLP, and neural network connections. Python can be used even if you are new to AI development since it is flexible and comes with pre-existing libraries like Pandas, SciPy, and nltk.

According to a Forbes article, “Although, Python has proven to be effective for a myriad of other areas, such as building websites and creating scripts for DevOps, yet it is with AI/ML where the language has really shined.”

By these facts, we can see that python hasn’t only been successful in building websites, it is also helpful in dealing with AI & ML.

Now, let’s understand some defining features of python:

  1. Interpreted language: Python is an interpreted language because the code is executed line by line at a time. It is easy to debug the code unlike other languages like Java, C, C++, etc. as there is no need to compile the code.

  2. Portable and Integrated language: Python code is portable and can be run on any platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac. It is also an integrated language as its code can be integrated with any other languages like C, C++, Java.

  3. GUI Programming support: GUI (Graphical user interfaces) can be made using python modules such as PyQt4, PyQt5 or Tk.

  4. High level language: Python is a high level language. It means that a programmer need not remember any programs or codes and the system architecture.

Some other features of python are “easy to code, free and open source, etc.”.

Some advantages of Python:

  • Python is essential for students and working professionals in the software domain working in web development

  • Python is a great language for beginner level programmers

  • Python is an interactive language

  • Python is the fastest growing major programming language

  • Python is used in various industries, not just Data Science

Why are programmers loving python?

Python has become one of the main programming languages in today’s modern era. Python is so popular because of its highlighted purposes. Mainly, it is so simple to code. It is best for all the platforms. Python is dynamic.

Programmers who can code the main languages like Java, C, C++ and PHP find python code very easy compared to others.

It even has an attractive visual layout which pumps the mood of the programmer to code. As it runs on interpreted system, its quicker in executing the result.

According to the 2019’s Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey, Python is the 2nd most loved programming language in the world.

Future of Python: Bright or Dull?

As python is not only used in web developing, it reaches out in other vast areas like Game development, App development and System administration, GIS, Mapping etc., this helps the programmers to work tension free and without stress. Its growth being so rapid makes it one of the most loved languages.

Some of the industry experts like Google, NASA, YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, IBM, Netflix uses Python and more and more companies are adopting Python which increases the demand and salary for Python developers.

No other languages could compete with the python language as its level has increased and has created a remarkable impact. Leading companies like Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, are using Python programming language.

This particular has topped the list of top programming languages that straightforward makes it most admired among others. Keeping in mind all these factors, we can say that this language has a bright future and is going nowhere.

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