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Don't Underestimate the power of safety

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

A safe work environment is very important. Safety is a must irrespective of the type of company your are running. Safety is a high priority. By keeping/strictly following all the basic to basic safety measures, we can avoid danger that is unavoidable and unpredictable. Avoiding or minimizing injuries and damage to equipment and facilities will result in fewer expenses and more profit for a business.

Hence we can tell that:- "Never Underestimate the Power of Safety"

Safety Hazard Identification at workplace

Identifying and protecting the safety hazards and safety related issues is the main thing for the employee's protection. Common workplace safety issues includes: Ergonomics, hazardous chemicals, problems related in various fields like: mechanical, noise pollution, etc. Apart from all these, there are other sources also which can be dangerous i.e., danger of falling from high place, and other health related issues.

When I say mechanical issues, it might be anything i.e., issues that is related to operation of any machine that is in the workplace. Noise and visibility issue can affect the vision and hearing capacity of the fellow worker at the workplace. Falls resulting from poor housekeeping or negligence can cause serious injury and death; procedures should be in place to prevent them. Ice, snow and rain can create hazards of their own; employees need to be trained how to operate equipment safely when weather conditions are bad.

Top 3 requirements of Workplace Safety

Top 3 requirements of Workplace Safety

As we already discussed, safety is very important everywhere and there are various requirements for a company to be certified as "SAFE". Now lets see what are those very important requirements for a safe workplace:

  • Safety Policy: Like I already said, safety is required everywhere, hence companies set certain safety policy which is prepared by the management or collectively by management and the working staff keeping all the key points in mind. Every employee has a role in carrying out the safety policy. This policy is a handbook which contains all the key issues along with the consequences that each one will have to face if these appropriate safety rules are not followed.

  • Workplace Safety Training: Safety related training is very important at the workplace. This is organised/conducted to know what to do at the time of emergency at your workplace. Training is necessary because the employees will know the importance of safety and also know how to practice safety at the workplace. Here, the companies will conduct a one day safety training workshop at their place and the main objective this training is to keep there employees and the workplace safe.

  • Workplace Safety Equipment: Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be available to everyone and anyone who comes in contact with a potential work associated with risk. This can include hard hats, protective eyewear, earplugs, shoes, gloves and clothing. Even an office worker who delivers a message to a work area near a potential safety hazard must put on the appropriate PPE.

What is the benefits of this Workplace Safety?

  • Workplace Safety results in fewer accidents, which results in fewer costs for worker’s compensation,and less retraining time for workers otherwise needed to replace an injured worker.

  • Workplace safety helps in avoiding damage to equipment which ultimately results decreases the company repair costs.

  • Due to this, workers performance will be improved has the workers know how to prevent themselves from injuries and also have faith in management's active role in protecting their workplace safety.

  • Workplace Safety contributes towards the sustainable environment which indirectly reduces the poverty

These are some of the benefits of Workplace Safety.


From this article, you by now would have known how important safety at workplace will be, what are the benefits of it, what actually is workplace safety policy etc. last but not the least, We, at Infimind Institute, do provide Corporate Training Programs, which includes safety training programs and you can reach us to get your team registered for such programs.


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