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Personality Development – Business/Corporate Etiquette

Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Before delving deep into the arena of the development of personality, let us look at what personality is! The personality of an individual is determined through their typical pattern of thinking, feeling, and behavior. We come across several people in our day-to-day lives, and as soon as we meet someone, the first thought that runs in our mind can be termed as their personality. We might think something like, "oh, a pleasant person or a grumpy one or even comically think about them as an angry bird." These are the shades we paint on their personality, and most of the times we would be right as we would have painted them so primarily based on their behavior or thinking. I have often seen people confusing between personality and grooming. For many of them, "she has a good personality," doesn't mean she is pleasant or likable or interesting, but plainly that she has dressed up great. In general, to be clear, personality doesn't always mean how they look or dress, but how they present themselves and how they behave when they are around people.

The personality of a person starts developing at an young age, and that becomes their identity as they grow, and will stick with them till they die. There are both positive and negative personality traits. The ones that get fed the most, grows well and develops into one's personality.


With enough being said on personality, we now shall try and understand what personality development is and how and if that can be developed. When the personality of an individual is honed to make the person likable, interesting, and pleasant to be with, that is termed as personality development. When we are being our appropriate self at the appropriate place, we are displaying great personality, and to get trained to be our right self is termed as personality development. PD can also be referred as steady and constant improvement in one's behavior overall.

Personality development has its own merits of imbibing certain great qualities in us and making us use it until it becomes our second nature. Until it becomes our second nature, we need to consciously make an effort in implementing the change. For instance, if you are a shy person and you don't look into the eyes of the other person while conversing, you have to consciously make a mental note and keep reminding yourself on maintaining eye contact throughout the interaction until it becomes your second nature and comes naturally without reminders. By doing so, you will be shaping up your personality.

Personality development also plays a great role in making a decision, problem solving, effective communication, body gesture, self confidence, time management, etc.

With a great personality one would go a long way in their personal as well as professional front. Being a great co-worker or a manager not only makes the workflow smooth, but also provides a great stress-free work environment which overall improves the individual's productivity along with the organisational and self growth.


Business etiquette is displaying professionalism at all the basic roles and duties performed at the business place; be it writing an e-mail, being at office, calling over phone, conduction or attending a meeting, or having a business meet over lunch / dinner.

The professionals need to understand the basic etiquette required by the corporate or business they are working for to have the best impact and impression inside the business and also by being the face of the business.

The following are the most appreciated business etiquette;

  • Time Management: Time management is a trait that needs to be honed to be the best match in the corporate sector. Arrive on time to work and meetings. Plan things ahead of time and stick to the plan. This way, you are not anxious about being late, and you are at your best self.

  • Grooming: Dress appropriately per the business requirement. One needs to have the right sense of grooming themselves and be presentable and well-kempt. especially when they are meeting clients or have visitors to their business place. The great saying "first impression is the best impression" is what one needs to remember here as even before we speak, our physical appearance matters a lot and we are almost judged based on that.

  • Respect: Be respectful to your co-workers, superiors, and subordinates. Do not speak to anyone in a very casual tone at the workplace. Indicate respect by using "sorry, please, and thank you." When you give respect, respect is what you get back; and again the functioning is smooth at the workplace.

  • Gossips: The most important of all etiquette I would say is to avoid gossips and eavesdropping. At workplace, one should understand that no one is superior or inferior to anyone else. If we stick to the thumb rule "is it true, is it kind, and is it necessary?" before uttering anything, most of the gossips can be avoided. One should never gossip about someone's personal medical information, drug or alcohol behavior off work, sexuality, etc.

  • Interest in others: Be genuinely interested in others. Always have good eye contact and be a good listener. Do not be the talker always. Never dismiss anyone's suggestions and ideas at workplace.

  • Body language: This itself is a blog post for another day as it is such a vast subject, but I'll concise it for ease. Our standing and sitting posture; our hands and head movement; our facial expressions; our eye contact; focusing on everyone while talking in a group; these are all the most crucial body language that one needs to follow at workplace.

  • Mind your language: Don't get unpopular by foul mouthing at work place. You might have been considered "cool" at college for foul mouthing, but same is not the case at corporate world. You have to maintain your level of dignity always.

Business / corporate etiquette is vital as you are the face of your company when meeting clients and you can make or break business just with your etiquette. Respecting people and treating them with courtesy and kindness is considered the basic business manners.

In conclusion, personality development influences the social behavior, the level of motivation and maturity exhibited, interpersonal skills, body language, and the right attitude.

We, at Infimind Institute, have successfully trained professionals and beginners of work force from various sectors on personality development with our corporate training program.


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