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Updated: Apr 3, 2020


Digital marketing is marketing through digital channels, where most of the people are these days. Digital marketing is a method of modern marketing using internet which is the main medium of promotion. It also creates brand awareness, makes marketing easier, and the audience reach is greater when compared to traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing being so vast and useful, the rise in demand for digital marketer has been great too. With more people spending more and more time on their gadgets, we do now know where to reach them. Keeping a billboard doesn't sound right at all these days, because people don't even have time to lift their vision off their gadgets. So, now the billboards should get into the gadget in the form of advertising online.


Digital marketing is a vast subject with many branches in it. You can choose to be a complete digital marketer, just a content marketer, SEO specialist, social media specialist, native marketer, or PPC advertising specialist.

Digital marketing has been a buzzword these days and so is the professional who has completed a course on digital marketing. More and more companies are looking for digital marketer to take over the marketing department of their organization. So, as of 2020, digital marketer's job is in high demand.


The career choices available for a digital marketer is profound. They can choose the role that they want to play based on their strength area in the overall digital marketing course. If one has a strong sense or grip on SEO (search engine optimization), then that would be a great choice of career. They can play around with on-page and off-page SEO and check how the ranking of the website is getting changed based on that.

Careers in Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing required a lot of talking per se by the marketing personnel. Digital marketing, though needs communication, a non-communicator with excellent sense of designing or content creating can still be a great marketer.

This being said, let us see most important career options one would find in the field of digital marketing.

1. Content Marketing: The consumers these days are more of an informed shopper kind of people. They want to research more about anything they are buying, be it a pencil or a BMW car. Content marketer's job would be create and float such contents in the internet so that when a consumer is trying to look for more information about the product, that is readily available. Attractive and informative content is what sells these days. So, the content manager's job would be to research on the topic, understand the product or service of the company thoroughly, and then create impressive content. All the websites have their own blogs these days, and they act as a gateway to many leads getting converted to sales.

Content Marketing Manager

2. Search engine marketing: In the era of internet, most people rely on search engines for their shopping needs, be it a service or product. Search engine marketing is one such field where the marketer's main job would be to get traffic to the website, either paid or organic, by means of keywords, proper SEO of the website, and so on. The role and responsibility of the search engine marketer would be to make sure the website ranks higher when someone searches for information related to the business run by the organization.

3. Search engine optimization: While the role of search engine marketer is to make the website rank higher, it is quite an impossible task without search engine optimization of that website which happens at the background. A lot goes into the SEO of a website. The role of "search engine optimization specialist"would be to make sure the title tags and meta descriptions are perfect, and the pages of the website are internally linked to each other with relevancy, and to ensure the website ranks high for relevant keywords and phrases. The role of the SEO specialist would be to ensure the website ranks higher organically.

4. Brand Manager: This is a very exciting role for someone with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The principal responsibility of the Brand Manager would be to ensure that the products and services of the Brand that they are working for resonates with the existing and potential customers. This is a highly authoritative role where the Brand Manager should be able to take decisions based on the scenario. This role demands one to understand how well a campaign is working, what is the return on investment. This role also expects one to do extensive research on new product development, current product reach, and customer behavior towards a particular service or product.

5. Social Media Marketing: SMM is reaching out to consumers through social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The job involves running campaigns, create content to reach the target audience, create report based on the past campaigns, and create future marketing strategies based on the previous results. All the published contents are Social Media Marketing personnel's sole responsibility. The person also needs to generate leads to the business by using the social media marketing strategies. The responsibility may also require communicating and maintaining a cordial relationship with the online audience. For the online audience, the company is seen through the Social Media Marketer, so the responsibility of being the face of the organization lies on the shoulder of SMM personnel.

6. Ads Manager: This role demands the person to be responsible for creating multiple ads in the form of posters, contents, quirky lines, videos, or any other means through which the company's products and services are promoted online. In this role, the individual needs to understand the market for the product, the target audience, the competitor's pulse, the cost involved in creating and publishing an ad, the return on investment factor, the conversion factor, and so on. This role is in high demand since every company's ultimate goal is to run the business by approaching the right audience at the right time.

7. Mobile / E-mail Marketing: For larger companies, most of the business happens with being persistent. There are campaigns just intended to collect the database of potential consumers' mobile number and email address. Such a database is an asset to the company as it is voluntarily given by the potential consumer and the conversion rate is higher if these are targeted on a remarketing basis. The role of the mobile and email marketer would be to send messages and mails to the target audience whenever there is a new product launch, if there is a discount offer going on currently, or just as reminder to the current existing product or service.

8. Digital marketing: This particular role demands one to perform all the above responsibilities mentioned above. A small organization cannot afford to have one person to play individual roles, but would look for someone who can perform all the job requirements effortlessly. They would be the only person responsible for the whole department and I would say this would be the most interesting role to play since this role would be breaking the monotony. So, SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, ad words, content would all be done by this Digital Marketing Manager.

Digital Marketing Manager

9. Freelancer: All the above roles are what individuals can play in an organization. For people who enjoy being their own boss, freelancing is a wonderful option. Digital marketing is an industry where one can explore various roles working as a freelancer and make a great livelihood by working at the comfort of one's home office.

As detailed above, once a digital marketer is industry ready, the roles they would get is humongous and the choice would be entirely their's. Digital marketing domain is definetly here to stay with almost everything being online, including one's grocery shopping, fashion shopping, or gadget shopping. This industry has a bright future and time invested to learn this skill set can never go waste if one is dedicated enough to spend time applying the skills learnt.


As narrated above, the career options for a digital marketer is varied and once one enters the industry, the growth curve is on the right side. It would be wise to learn from industry experts than trying out learning for free from online sources as the right knowledge can be provided only by the industry experts who has vast experience in the field.

We, at Infimind Institute, offer you a course on Digital Marketing. Do enroll today and make sure to enter into a energy-packed industry. Learning this course makes you write your own future.


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